Jumaat, 8 Julai 2011


Another letter to my heart.

Dear  heart,

How are you ? I miss you so much. Do you know I just text-ing with him again. I think you already know, who he is. The boy that I break up with him two years ago just because my friends asked me to do it. I knew that you will in misery because you're trying to forget what happen in the past.

I felt guilty to him. I know I am a bad girl. I regret because I was following my friend's advice, not you. You knew much more about me than my friends. But I know, now I was regret for nothing. Now, my friends and I not really close anymore. Well , I think it would be better if I am alone than with them. If not, I'll never change to better person. I knew, last year I was a very worst person which insulting anybody that I hate. But now not anymore. By the way, let bygone be bygone.

About 'him', now we still friend. If not he would not reply my text. Being nice with him was a good thing. I will try to treasure our friendship.

With love, Junks

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