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Strawberry Chocolate.

                                                          *picture is taken by myself

Ingredients :
- Chocolate bar ( Also can use Cadbury Milk - The plain one )

Directions :

Use double boiling technique to melt the chocolate. Cut the chocolate bar into pieces. When the chocolate melt, add 2 teaspoons of oil. Stirring occasionally until smooth.
Dip the strawberries in the chocolate. Decorate them as you like.
You also can put ice cream and chocolate rice on the top of ice cream.

Double Boiling Technique

Pictures from Mr. Google

Tips and Tricks

  • The reason I put some oil in the chocolate is to ensure, the chocolate will not easy stiffen.
  • You can put some milk when you melt the chocolate. It will taste better. If you lazy please don't put 'em.
  • Differences prices of chocolate gives different taste.
  • You also can use chocolate powder to replace the chocolate bar. 

p/s: this is my own recipe. The tips and tricks is from my own experiences. So if you would like to copy this recipe please let me know first.

With love, Junks.

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