Sabtu, 24 Mac 2012

A good morning

Hello earthling,

It's me again ! I'm not sleeping yet. Lately, my routine started to change. My sleep schedule was not at night anymore. Idk why my eyes was like an owl's eyes at night. May be I was longing to the moon. Lol. XD

It still at dawn. After Subuh's prayer, I send off my father to go to the college. His friend will fetch him at the main road. I know that its kinda of weird to you when my father went off to the college at 6:30 am. Actually it took about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Institusi Perguruan Kampus Sultan Mizan from our house. Plus, his class started at 8:00 AM. So that means he needed to arrive before eight o'clock.

"Do the best in exam and good luck, ayah."

That was the last words I utter to him and salam. He going to take an examination today, but it not a mid-term exam. Hihi. For the last two weeks, it was like dead meat to me when I needed to finish my father assignment. As a daughter, I thought I need to help him. He is not a kind of very pro in laptop's stuff. So I help him to do his assignment. It not my first time to do that job. :)

All the best to my ayah. I'll pray for your luck, dad. Allah know the best for you, Cikgu Salam. I know you can do it !! ;D

Thats all for today. Have a good day and have a good sleep for myself. Lol.


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your daddy is so tabah keep learning ya?