Khamis, 10 Mei 2012

MARA Interview Experience 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Today I went to MRSM Kuala Terengganu for MARA Interview. The course that I'm applied is Medic to Mesir. Reach there around 2.40 pm. It kinda very late for me because my interview started at 3.00 pm. After finished register my name and course that I applied we had be asked for wait awhile at the entrance. My group consists 2 boys and 6 girls, and every group have 8 people. Mine is Panel 1. Everyone in my group taking the same course and the same code which is Medic at Mesir and do pre-medical at Kolej Shahputera.

About 3 o'clock we went to interview room. There were 3 interviewers in the room. Then we're devided into 2 groups. We're given case study which is about a diseases and we're given about 30 minutes to debate about the pro and contras. After finished the debate session, and make a conclusion the interviewers started asking us a few questions. The debate session was sooooooo "HOTTT" I mean everyone voice out their opinions. And I also could see some of my teammates' hand were shaking. I'm also nervous to dead at first  because their English was very fluent. Not like mine. Hahaha. I said "rebus akar kayu" during the debate. Seriously, I don't know what it is in English and I don't think the real meaning that I really want to tell them could be understand by others. Lol. That was the only word that I said in Malay. Please avoid from speak in Malay except you're really desperate like me. However, the case study that I got is kind a luck for me because I'm already been exposed from my family about this diseases. Alhamdulillah. At first I thought that it would be built a building or bridge like last year. Yet, we got debate session.

5 minutes before we ended, the interview informed us to make a conclusion. So we decided to choose modern medicine. After our debate session end, the interviewers started asking us a few question.

The questions:
- Do you think you're the leader or the follower in your group ?
- What will you do if you're given a chance to do this again and what you're going to improve ?
- Do you think you help your friends to speak or voice out their ideas?

Alhamdulillah, I was not been questioned by the interviewer. For others MARA candidates, please voice out your opinion. Do not silent during the interview. They'll give you mark if you talk and no mark if you don't. Then they asked us if  we had any question for them.. Huhu, my Panel 1 group was so awesome. Everyone was very sporting. Most of them from Kelantan and only me and other girl from Terengganu. The girl is from Besut and everyone speak in Kelantan slang. Huhuhu. Yang perempuan, sembang naik rak macam dah setahun kenal. Haha. Kan bagus kalau sempat snap gambar tadi. Wuuuu, menyesal. T-T

Okay, thats all from me. I'll update about my KPLSPM aka IPG and UTP sooner or later, InsyaAllah.

p/s: please come early at your interview place. MARA interview is sharp on time.

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HUSNA berkata...

assalammualaikum..hey!mine is the same as yours..but my group has 2girls and 6boys..btw,gudluck !

I'm JUNKS berkata...

waalaikumussalam. :D Gudluck too :D