Rabu, 1 Januari 2014

Till then, a dream only just a dream

'Mozart - Piano Sonata no. 16 3rd movement'

Happy New Year 2014,

Here I am, still breathing. Barely able to breath in this small room without windows. Allhamdulillah, I don't have claustrophobia- a fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or room.

Well I am not going to talk about phobia today since it is new year eve. Now let's talk about dreams and futures. Yesterday, I found something very meaningful in my life time. Something that I have being keep for such a long time. It is A PLAN about my own future.

Sakinah's road plan 2011.

Back then, I don't know how the future will be and did it goes according to my plan. But when Dad asked me yesterday, does its went according to my plan or not, I am very astonished with what did I wrote and gladly to say, Yes! for the answer of my dad question. However right now my journey is still long, and I don't want to overreact for nothing. A good life comes with a tons of efforts.

For sure right now, I'm not in Japan. But I don't know if I'll be there for the next couple of years, either persuading my master/PhD or job. Life is full of suprises.

Sometimes, I do have silly thought. I do have a dream to become an assassin (too much watching movies and reading novels). And sometimes I do want to become a pianist. (too much classic musics) Whatever it is I still have one thing that I give my priority the most which is becoming a good muslim, a good daughter, a good mother & wife and last but not least a good servent. A servent won't become a member of jannah without the Mercy from Allah even they make a lot of good deeds.

Still, I do have a lot of weakness, sometimes it makes me forget about Him. Other time I thought that I am good enough and won't be tested, but verily a servent can't be escaped from being tested, to measure how their faith is. 

A self rememberance.  

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