Ahad, 4 Mei 2014


I received a very sad news from my dad. He said that my beloved cats were gone. Not one, but all three of them. All three of them were very close to me. And I cried, badly.

When people leave me. I am still okay with that. But I'm not when I lose my cats. I don't care if everyone leaves me behind. Because I already used with it. I can deal with it. But I'm not when I lose my cats.

I bet that mom will be quiet upset with dad, because he told me that the cat where gone. She tried her best to comfort me, tonight. She told me its almost 2 months the cat were gone. She explained me in details, what really happen. Yet, it still breaks my heart into a pieces.

I knew that she tried hard to protect me from broken into pieces. She doesn't want to disturb my study. Thank you, mom for your efforts. But, still...

Its not easy for me.

My attachment with my cats are very strong.
And the memories won't fade away that easy.

Ya Allah, I want my cats back.. :'-(

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